Best Websites to Sell Your eBooks!

With the Internet we have been provided with an online marketplace that has brought together buyers and sellers like never before. Among other things, users can use these e-commerce platforms to establish an independent career at their leisure and thousands of buyers or customers instantly. With the advent of countless websites we can now sell any category we want from selling books to selling clothes or electronics that are products that have no expiration dates like any other.

Amazon Amazon is perhaps the most popular platform on the internet for selling indie eBooks right now. Why? Because it also makes one of the largest number of eBook sales, so naturally, artists believe they can reach the highest number of people through this website. This, however, may only be partly true since there are a lot of established writers also looking to sell on Amazon, making indie writers come into direct competition with those writer that have been published multiple times before. The amount of royalty a writer can earn also differs widely and may range from 30% to 70%. That said, several indie artists have been able to successfully make a large number of sales on Amazon and it is definitely one of the most reliable platforms to work through- so perhaps giving it a shot could do you wonders! This website is one of the most popular ones providing freelancers and independent workers to offer all sorts of services and goods. The number of buyers is also significantly great and the number of sales of eBooks has been reported to be extremely high. While you can upload your eBooks for free, the website takes a commission on of $1 to each $5 sale. Indie writers prefer this platform because of its fantastic layout which allows them to well present their work. Through this website, you can download an eBook creator guide that would enable you to transform your manuscript into a full-fledged eBook ready for sale! If you do not want to handle the formatting aspect, however, they also offer formatting and proof-reading services which you can pay for online. You can also have the website design your eBook- all fantastic options for writers who are not well-versed in other important aspects of creating an eBook. You can then publish your work on Lulu and reach hundreds of the websites users to sell your complete piece. Writers would find this to be a unique website as it allows you create a sales page through which you can sell your eBook. You can set a custom price for your product, and promote your work through the site’s social media integration. The website is well structured to handle both the sales and promotion aspect of your work. Through it you can even sell your product on other popular markets such as eBay. The downside to this website is its comparatively smaller traffic which means you may have to put in extra effort from your side to reach potential buyers. A fairly popular market for eBooks, given that it is specialized in selling purely written works, this website is a great way to sell your work! The best part about Smashwords is that it gives you vast visibility as it publishes your eBook over multiple distributors. You need not pay to publish you work, however Smashwords takes a commission of 20%-40% depending on through which distributor you have made your sale.

Whilst there is a number of websites and platforms out there, these are our picks for the best and most popular. Give them a shot and allow people to have access to your awesome work!

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